Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hexagon Quilt

I have completed my hexagon applique quilt at long last.
My friend Margaret sent me a photo of her quilt some time ago and I liked it so much decided to make one for myself.
It was from a Patchwork and quilting magazine, now I have many P & Q's but couldn't find the particular one, so I went ahead and made it from the photo, I had papers left over from the other 3 hexagon quilts I had done, it is good to be crazy :-)
I hand quilted it, should have taken a photo of the back, it is all different squares, I would never do that again when I was going to hand quilt , learnt that lesson the hard way. oh well, we live and learn. ....hugs for now.
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  1. beautiful quilt..........always wonderful to have a finish........

  2. What a gorgeous quilt!! You did a marvelous job on it. I really like it. Let us know the issue of that P & Q when you find it. Thanks for sharing your A&Q on Applique Thursday!

  3. You are such an inspiration to me to finish my own hexagon quilt. These quilts just seem to go on and's always hard to see the end in sight! So thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow your quilt has turned out beautifully. I just love hexagon quilts and yours is gorgeous. Well done on your finish!