Sunday, December 9, 2012

Returning to life

On my design wall this weekend.
A completed top for a  cot quilt for the new addition to our extended family, my grandson's cousin.
I had made a quilt in the red for his brother and as they would be sharing a room I incorporated some of that in this quilt.

This was another cot quilt made this year for my dear friend's granddaughter, thankfully there were babies born this year or I wouldn't have sewn at all.

  Our own  healthy baby boys were born late September,  3 boys under 2 now for my lovely daughter and son in law..
So cute when we went to see them at the hospital my daughter told her son, look I have made you some friends.
So lovely the joy of my heart my family.
No new quilts yet, fabric bought and designs in my head.
 It is good to be back playing in my sewing room, listening to my radio and relaxing.